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Apple & Sprout Crafts

Beautiful Yarn Apple Craft for Kids by Jamie Reimer

Apple Tree Craft for Toddlers  by Jamie Reimer

Handprint Apple Tree ~ Fun Fall Art Project For Kids by Brooke, Blissful Roots

Incredible You! Sprout Measuring Stick Craft by Kath Carroll, Celebrate Picture Books

Apple Stacking Cardboard Puzzle for Toddlers by @gosshyexplores

About Apples

VIDEO: How Does It Grow? Apples
The Kid Should See This: Smart Videos for Curious Minds of All Ages
TOPICS: Apple grafting, seasons, pollination, cultivation, history, agricultural workers, health benefits

Grafting Facts for Kids
Kiddle Encyclopedia: Kids Encyclopedia Facts

About Metamorphosis

VIDEO: Metamorphosis: Caterpillar to Butterfly for Children

Metamorphosis Facts for Kids
Kiddle Encyclopedia: Kids Encyclopedia Facts

NeoK12: Metamorphosis
Includes many links to video of metamorphoses.

Leaf Butterfly Craft by @ gosshyexplores

About Migration

VIDEO: Migrations: Big Animal Trips: Science for Kids
SciShow Kids, Quick, relatable information for young children

VIDEO: Decoding the Great Monarch Butterfly Migration
Joe Hanson of It’s Okay to Be Smart, PBS Digital Studios on The Kid Should See This: Smart videos for curious minds of all ages
Science for older kids, breathtaking video of monarchs.

Amazing Migrations
Jacquie Fischer, Kids Discover

Caring for our Home

The Nature Generation: Inspiring Environmental Stewards
Includes Green Earth Book Award, classroom programs/ activities, and STEM Seed Grants

African American Environmentalist Association: Kids Helping the Environment
Kid-friendly websites and practical actions for young environmentalists

Social Justice Books: A Teaching for Change Project: ENVIRONMENT / CLIMATE JUSTICE
Carefully selected books and lessons for all ages. Note the Guide for Selecting Anti-Bias Children’s Books, booklists & reviews, and Selecting and Rating Titles for Social Justice Books.

Eartheasy: Environmental Websites for Kids, by Greg Seaman

EcoKids Earth Day Canada: Take Action
Easy activities and games for a greener world

Kids For A Clean Environment (F.A.C.E.)

Kids for Saving Earth
Educational materials, posters, Earth music and printable environmental curriculum

Learning for Action: Environmental Education for Kids: Three Keys to Success
Research-based guidance for designing effect environmental education