School Visits

I’d love to visit your school! Whether you’re seeking a lively story time for pre-K or a poetry workshop for older students, I’ve got you covered. Students will discover the hidden ways that ideas grow into books. They’ll also learn how a slow reader with bad spelling and messy handwriting (me!) can grow up to write books. (I’ll bring the old messy papers to prove it!)

  • All presentations are interactive, with some movement, and tailored to each age level.
  • Pre-K through 5th grade
  • Up to 4 presentations a day
  • Fill out my contact form to see if we can plan an event together.


Interviews, Workshops, Presentations

After years of creating community programming related to children’s literature and working with writers in very diverse settings, I’m more than happy to present at your conference or lead a writing class or workshop. I also enjoy engaging specific topics—be they current issues in the field of children’s books or conversations on craft, career, or creative process. Please fill out my contact form to see whether we can work together. If I am unable to travel to you, video conferencing is possible.

* Beginning fall 2019, I will be living in northern Italy for several years. I’m available for video conferencing with classes anywhere and can travel to English-speaking schools in Italy and neighboring countries. I will be available for events during visits to the USA. Inquire for availability.