Welcome to Charlotte’s New Web!

Greetings! Salutations!

Welcome to my blog about children’s books, creativity, rainbow love, disability, and more (Chickens! Italy! Chocolate!). I’m so glad you’re here!

Since that day in third grade when I discovered a book with my name strung across the front in spider webs, I’ve been a fan of E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. How could I not be?!

Now what I love most about this spider’s story is how Charlotte’s words, though few, are spun with love, for someone she cares about. Even though she is tiny and strange, though her world is the size of a barn doorway, her words and love travel far.

My words may never save the life of a pig. And these days, chronically ill with ME/CFS, my world has shrunk to the size of this bed, my front porch.

But I can still spin webs. Still read and reflect and connect.

So, welcome!
Here’s to the words and wonderings, the books and conversations, as I swing out into the open air of this little doorway, to weave a message of love.

Thanks for swinging by my web!